A decade ago, WordPress content builders were small tools- generally created by WordPress theme writers. They originated them for their consumers to have easier page editing options. But what once was a small industry has now expanded into a great WordPress niche.

Nowadays, the committee is dozens of WordPress site developers on the market. While they are similar in basic functionality, each owns unique the characteristics and an approach they use to operate.

If ten years ago, WPBakery Page Builder was the one that pioneered in the WordPress page builder market, then today new implements like Visual Composer Website Builder keep the speed in the niche.

But before going in-depth and comparing these two WordPress plugins, let’s address the bordering disorder where customers are mixing up these two completely independent builders.

Embarrassment between WPBakery Page Builder and Visual Composer Website Builder

Originally, WPBakery Page Builder used to be called Visual Composer. Not anymore. So, the re-branding seems to be the most important issue inducing distraction now. Long story short…

In late 2017, the owner of the WPBakery Page Builder composed a brand-new plugin from scratch- a terminated WordPress website builder worded Visual Composer Website Builder. And the initial page make was identified WPBakery Page Builder. To make it clear and little confusing, here are some facts about these two independent plugins 😛 TAGEND WPBakery Page Builder

A shortcode-based builder that works only for your site’s material. Available to purchase from CodeCanyon and their own website at wpbakery.com. WPBakery Page Builder is bundled in many WordPress themes and complemented with thousands of custom add-ons created by other WordPress developers.

Continuing the jumble … Many WordPress theme columnists who have included WPBakery Page Builder are still continuing to refer to the product as Visual Composer. Can’t accused them, they might not know. But now you are familiar. If in doubt, right at the moment, the latest WPBakery Page Builder revise is form 5.6.

Visual Composer Website Builder

A new technology-based website builder plugin that lets you create a ended website. Not time a part of a website, but a entire website including headers, footers, custom sheet schemes and more. You cannot buy Visual Composer Website Builder on any third-party plugin markets, only on their own website at visualcomposer.com. At the moment, the latest Visual Composer Website Builder revise is copy 11.0.

Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder Overview

Both page developers are drag-and-drop, entailing you are only click on the desired constituent, then drag it into the position you want it to appear on your sheet and drop it. Although mostly similar, these two makes are significantly different. Let’s examine closer at their features 😛 TAGEND

WPBakery Page Builder Overview

WPBakery Page Builder has been around for many years and because of that, it has a huge user basi of love. It’s a widely-adopted plugin and comes wrap with most ThemeForest themes. However, there are a few issues that stop WPBakery Page Builder from vying with the modernized WordPress builders. One of the biggest problems is that it’s shortcode based. This has meant that you can end up with lots of shortcodes if you disable the plugin.

Non-technical users may not care how it acts behind the scenes, but they will care about the amount of production removing WPBakery Page Builder if that ever becomes necessary. Additionally, shortcodes are not the newest technology around with the use of clean HTML being on the rise.

WPBakery Page Builder Key Features

Inline Frontend Editor; Backend Editor; Template Library; 50+ Content Elements; 200+ Unique Add-ons; Grid Builder.

WPBakery Page Builder Content Elements library

Visual Composer Website Builder Overview

Visual Composer Website Builder is not just a simple page make. It is more like a theme make that lets you build an entire website title from the frontend editor. This means that you can use it is not merely for content editing but too overall locate design. With its custom-made Page Layouts, together with Header , Footer and Sidebar journalists, it allows you to customize any WordPress theme you like and appoint your own unique page layouts.

One of the biggest additives to the Visual Composer Website Builder is its online mart, allowing for easy download of pre-made content points, templates and add-ons. This online library is announced Visual Composer Hub. It tells you receive constant revises and have instant access to download any new content that is on the way.

Visual Composer Website Builder is based on the latest engineerings that ensure high performance and stability. It is a React-based make, which does not make sense for the end-user but will procreate developers smile.

Visual Composer Website Builder editor

Visual Composer Website Builder Key Features

Apart from the previously mentioned Visual Composer Hub of points, templates and propagations, the committee is dozens of great facets that are available straight-shooting from the writer 😛 TAGEND

Visual Composer Hub; Header, Footer, Sidebar Editor; Custom Page Layouts; Global Templates; Export/Import Templates; Unique Design Option; Compatibility with popular WordPress plugins.

Visual Composer Website Builder Hub- a library of Constituents, Templates, and Add-ons

Plans and Pricing

WPBakery Page Builder has recently two permission alternatives: Single site license for $45 and an extended one for SaaS employments ($ 245 ).

Visual Composer Website Builder has three paid account permissions, as well as a free basic edition( that seems to be pretty advanced) to get you started. However, to get unlimited access to all of its core aspects, together with constant updates and dedicated customer support, there is a Single Site Premium license for $59.

There is also a 3 Website license for $149 that will be good for small and medium-sized occupations, as well as a Developers license that furnishes an endless extent of usage.

Although Visual Composer Website Builder is a bit more expensive, it is the eventual negotiation. Add-ons are available in the Visual Composer Hub whenever you need them. In comparison, WPBakery Page Builder’s numerous features( add-ons) are sold individually by third-party developers. So for each little feature, the cost could be around $20- $50 per site.

In the end, Visual Composer Website Builder will cost you less and so far it appears to be much better. The license is applicable in a year, but the toll seems to be reasonable as the plugin delivers more and more new peculiarities, aspects and templates.

In Summary

WPBakery Page Builder has countless facets- on one side it gives you lots of options but on the other side, if not applied smartly it can get heavy. The sheet developer is bundled in countless WordPress themes, so theme users get it by default. It impose a fine developer with a view to creating sheets for your WordPress site, however, the shortcodes can slow-witted it down a bit.

The would be required for better tools is always in high demand. Technology is developing, requirements are increasing. Visual Composer Website Builder seems to be following this tempo, contributing its “users ” a strong plugin that is easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

With 100+ features, constant revises, stacks of support, online tutorials and a thriving parish, Visual Composer Website Builder deserves a try. They offer a free account, which is enough to give you a great first impression and even build a simple site.

And it’s not only for beginners and entanglement makes. It recently has propelled an API that yields brand-new business opportunities for WordPress plugin and theme developers.